Embrace A Giant Spirit


Northern Ireland has come a long way and we want to share our Giant Spirit with you and help you awaken yours. The people in Northern Ireland are giant-spirited and this spirit fires the welcome they extend to visitors to their lands. We have created a collection of new and unique experiences to bring Northern Ireland to life during your visit here.

Journey into Northern Ireland's Giant Spirit



Experience All Northern Ireland Has To Offer From The Comfort Of The Westville Hotel

Located within driving distance of all the unique experiences on the Embrace A Giant Spirit collection, the Westville is the perfect base for your adventure throughout Northern Ireland. A Boutique Hotel based in Enniskillen, The Westville Hotel is the ideal place for visitors from the Republic of Ireland to start their exploration of Northern Ireland from. Come back to stylish comfort and a terrace restaurant every evening and find yoursef in the perfect setting to relax whether you've been kayaking and climbing or simply tasting some local craft cider.



Everything Is So Conveniently Close

See our collection of unique experiences below and begin planning your journey into Northern Ireland. With experiences based around traitional, local food and craft cider to natural beauty and kayaking, there's bound to be something for you in Northern Ireland. So take the first step and awaken your Giant Spirit.


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